Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 5: Water Truck and Haitian Initiative

   We started the day early, out of the door at 6AM.  We are off to attend a local church service.  It was a truly unique experience to witness the free spirit which the Haitians worship the Lord.  Jeff knew the pastor at the church, who gave blessings to all the children.  Ours were the only I saw.
     Energized from the message Michelle delivered from our group meeting we were off to visit Elders School in Cite Soleil.  Once again, the children were excited to see us and we them.  Kids from 8 to 18 were all in school uniforms.  Many hand shakes, high fives, hugs and smiles were shared. 
   We are now off to our next stop, Cite Soleil water delivery.  Feeling more seasoned, our group worked and played hard during our two delivery stops.  We interacted with the young and old, dropping in a new phrase we learned from Jeff.  "Jezi Renmen Ou"..."Jesus Loves You."  We stopped for a quick snack and thought we were off to our next new adventure.  Surprise, we are stopping for another water delivery.  Everyone was very tired but we all rallied once again to serve the Cite Soleil residents their most basic need.  
    Now we are headed to the Haitian Initiative Soccer facility.  Boys and girls in Cite Soleil with good grades try out each year to participate in the program.  Each day they practice soccer then receive a meal.  Several of us in the group had the honor to play soccer with the kids.  The ten year olds we played against were awesome.  Avery V. and Al each managed to sneak in a goal.
     Our group seemed to click from the beginning.  We once again made it through another busy day serving the beautiful Haitian people the whole time with smiles and laughter.  

~Bill Villani


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